54th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—August 4, 2021

Zhicai Zhang (California Institute of Technology)
“First Observation of the Production of Three Massive Vector Bosons and Search for Long-lived
Particles Using Delayed Photons in pp Collisions at 13 TeV Center of Mass Energy.”
Advisor: Harvey Newman

53rd Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—August 12, 2020

David Sweigart (Cornell University)
“A Measurement of the Anomalous Precession Frequency of the Positive Muon”
Advisor: Lawrence Gibbons

52nd Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 12, 2019

Jacob Ryan Todd (University of Cincinnati)
“Search for Sterile Neutrinos with MINOS and MINOS+”
Advisor: Alexandre Sousa



51st Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 20, 2018

Simon Samuroff (The University of Manchester)
“Systematic Biases in Weak Lensing Cosmology with the Dark Energy Survey”
Advisor: Sarah Bridle

50th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 8, 2017

Leonidas Aliaga Soplin (The College of William and Mary)
“Neutrino Flux Prediction for the NuMI Beamline”
Advisor: Michael Kordosky

49th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 15, 2016

Daniel Grün (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich)
“Studies in weak gravitational lensing on the Dark Energy Survey”
Advisor: Stella Seitz and Ralf Bender

48th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 10, 2015

Samuel Dylan McDermott (University of Michigan)
“Ratcheting up the Search for Dark Matter”
Advisor: Kathryn Zurek

47th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 11, 2014

Joseph Grange (University of Florida)
“First Measurement of the Muon Anti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasielastic Double-Differential Cross-Section”
Advisor: Heather Ray

Photo credits (above): The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory