55th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 15, 2022

Maria Vincenzi (University of Portsmouth)

“Core-collapse contamination in photometric samples of Type la Supernovae,’ a key step for cosmology analysis with the Dark Energy Survey.”

54th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—August 4, 2021


Zhicai Zhang (California Institute of Technology)
“First Observation of the Production of Three Massive Vector Bosons and Search for Long-lived
Particles Using Delayed Photons in pp Collisions at 13 TeV Center of Mass Energy.”
Advisor: Harvey Newman

53rd Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—August 12, 2020

David Sweigart (Cornell University)
“A Measurement of the Anomalous Precession Frequency of the Positive Muon”
Advisor: Lawrence Gibbons

52nd Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 12, 2019

Jacob Ryan Todd (University of Cincinnati)
“Search for Sterile Neutrinos with MINOS and MINOS+”
Advisor: Alexandre Sousa

51st Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 20, 2018

Simon Samuroff (The University of Manchester)
“Systematic Biases in Weak Lensing Cosmology with the Dark Energy Survey”
Advisor: Sarah Bridle

50th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 8, 2017

Leonidas Aliaga Soplin (The College of William and Mary)
“Neutrino Flux Prediction for the NuMI Beamline”
Advisor: Michael Kordosky

49th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 15, 2016

Daniel Grün (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich)
“Studies in weak gravitational lensing on the Dark Energy Survey”
Advisor: Stella Seitz and Ralf Bender

48th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 10, 2015

Samuel Dylan McDermott (University of Michigan)
“Ratcheting up the Search for Dark Matter”
Advisor: Kathryn Zurek

47th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting—June 11, 2014

Joseph Grange (University of Florida)
“First Measurement of the Muon Anti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasielastic Double-Differential Cross-Section”
Advisor: Heather Ray

Photo credits (above): The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory