This program is administered by Universities Research Association, Inc., through reimbursement of expenses covered under the award to the researcher’s home institution.

Award payments from URA will be made through the home institution of the awardee on receipt from the home institution of an invoice detailing actual costs incurred. Invoices for expenses covered by an award are to be submitted by the home institution’s grants officer (or equivalent) to the URA Corporate Office in Washington, DC for payment. Final invoices are to be submitted to URA no later than 90 days after expiration of the award. All covered expenses must have been incurred after the initiation of the award and prior to the expiration of the award.

Awardees are expected to submit a brief report on the completion of their project. (See VS Project Report Form)

Visitors do not become Fermilab employees. They therefore must have a home institution and, if a visa is necessary, must obtain that visa through that institution. If needed, the Fermilab Visa Office can provide additional information.

In cases where institutional health coverage from the home institution does not meet the requirements for longer stays at Fermilab, additional health coverage for the time at Fermilab must be obtained by the visitor or his/her institution. The cost of such supplemental coverage may be included in the budget.

The full details of the administration of the award and submission of invoices are provided in “URA Visiting Scholars Program: Award Terms and Conditions.”