URA Membership Guidelines

Membership in URA is open to any university with a significant interest and graduate program in physics.

The criteria for full membership in URA are as follows:

a) A reasonable output of PhDs in relevant disciplines;
b) Commitment to support at least two (2) experimental high energy physics positions;
c) At least 15 physics faculty;
d) At least 15 physics graduate students who have reached the thesis research stage;
e) Adequate strength in related areas (e.g., mathematics, computer sciences).

URA also considers, on a case by case basis, applications for associate membership on the part of universities that do not currently meet all URA criteria for membership but with elements of a high energy physics program under development, and with the goal of building a robust physics program. The Council of Presidents normally considers membership applications at its annual meeting in January.

The new member assessment is payable after election by the Council. URA does not collect annual dues from its members.  However, to meet certain corporate expenses that are not allowable under its government contracts, URA may collect assessments from its regular members on an occasional, as-needed basis, with the concurrence of its members through the URA Council of Presidents.  Following admission, new members will be invoiced $10,000, corresponding to the assessment of $5,000 for the immediate past year and the assessment for the first year of admission to membership.


Membership Application

A membership application consists of a letter of interest from the appropriate university official (e.g., President, Chancellor, Provost). The letter should include the following information:

  1. The number of PhDs in physics granted during each of the past 5 years;
  2. The number of faculty members in the physics department;
  3. The number of faculty members in experimental high-energy physics;
  4. The number of graduate students in physics who have reached the thesis research stage.

The letter should be accompanied by a copy of the most recent graduate school catalogue.

For additional information, please contact the URA Executive Director at the Corporate Office in Washington DC.

Photo credit (above): NuMI focusing horn for creating a neutrino beam, NuMI Horn at MI 8. Photo by Reidar Hahn, Fermilab